The main report and conclusions for the Achieving Graduation at Scale in Kenya workshop, held on 29th and 30th October 2018 can be found below:

Workshop Final Report October 2018

A full list of participants and organisations attending can be found here.

DAY 1 Presentations


Session 2 – Kate McKee, Director, Partnership for Economic Inclusion – Global overview on Graduation


Courtenay Cabot Venton & Catherine Fitzgibbon – The Economics of Graduation in Kenya

The Dynamics of Poverty Graduation and Resilience in Northern Kenya – Full Report 2018

Massimo Zucca – Chief of Party, AVSI Foundation. Refugee Graduation in Uganda.

John Kibutha, IFAD/Treasury, Nazia Moqueet, BRAC – Programme for Rural Outreach of Financial Innovations and Technologies (PROFIT)

Rob Burnett, Well Told Story: The Hustla MBA.


Session 4 – Clare Gardner, Wasafiri Consulting – What could a country wide Graduation system look like?

Session 5 – Speech from Principle Secretary Julius Muia – Planning, National Treasury and Ministry of Planning

DAY 2 Presentations


Session 7 – Avnish Gungadurdoss, Managing Partner and Co-founder Instiglio & Richard Sedlmayr, Wellspring Philanthropic Fund – Results based financing for poverty alleviation

Participant Questionnaire Responses

Please find below responses from the participant questionnaire sent out to all invitees. Information includes organisations scales, mandates, future plans and lessons learned from past and current Graduation work.

Baringo County Government

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



CARE International

Department for International Development – UK

Financial Sector Deepening – Kenya

Ghetto Foundation

Give Directly

Global Development Incubator


Kisumu County Government

Marsabit County Government


Samburu County Government

Self Help Africa

Social Development GoK

Village Enterprise

Welltold Story

Workshop Stakeholder Report

In advance of the Graduation Workshop a stakeholder consultation process has been conducted to gather perspectives from selected stakeholders invited to the Graduation Workshop capable of giving a set of broad and strategic perspectives. This included GoK officials within ministries and at county government levels, a range of development partner working on topics that relate to graduation from poverty, several NGOs and research institutes.

The aim of interviews was to better understand graduation related programming, explore perspectives for what graduation at scale in Kenya could mean, and what the key pillars of a national graduation approach could be, and lastly to consider priorities for the Workshop agenda.

Download the Executive Summary and the full report below:

Executive Summary – Graduation from Poverty Kenya

Graduation from Poverty Kenya – Full Report October 2018

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