The Working Group (WG) has been formed to support the Government of Kenya (GoK) to achieve graduation/transition  from poverty at scale, with an imperative to eliminate extreme poverty [1]by 2030.

The WG will have the following priorities;

  • To promote a shared understanding of the scale and nature of poverty in Kenya through awareness raising and engagement with a broad number of stakeholders
  • To improve co-ordination in the planning and delivery of poverty reduction initiatives at national and county level to achieve impact at scale
  • To align with and inform GoK national social protection policies, plans and systems

The Terms of Reference (April 2019) for the WG can be found here.

Below is a list of reports commissioned by the WG since April 2019:

Defining and Targeting Extreme Poverty in Kenya April 2019 This report for the Working Group forms an initial step in addressing a collective understanding of issues concerning graduating the poor at scale. It addresses the question ‘who are the ultra poor in Kenya?’ and proposes ways in which they can be identified and targeted for assistance by building on existing systems and structures.

County Scoping of Socio-Economic Inclusion Efforts For the Working Group on Ultra Poverty in Kenya profiles:

Marsabit County Scoping Profile

Kakamega County Scoping Profile

West Pokot County Scoping Profile

[1] The WG adopts the KNBS definition of Extreme poverty as ‘all food and non-food expenditure combined still fails to meet the minimum daily calorific requirement (adult equivalent of 2,250 Kcal)

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