To shape a collective response to the complex problem of extreme poverty in Kenya, through building a shared vision of what graduation at scale from poverty might look like and identifying the means necessary to deliver this.


To convene key stakeholders with experience and interest in the graduation agenda to:

1. Consider a future country-wide approach1 to graduation and identify building blocks that could form part of a future multi-stakeholder effort.

2. Share evidence on what is working with graduation and identify where future efforts to trial approaches and gather evidence should be focused.

3. Establish a collective way forward and the means by which a multi-stakeholder effort might be organised.


For some time, stakeholders in Kenya and beyond have asked the question ‘Cash plus what’ might eliminate extreme poverty permanently? This forum will therefore consider;

Could a second major ingredient, a package of measures supporting economic opportunity and graduation from extreme poverty, be made available to all that need it, and realised through a stepped process for scaling up?

Does sufficient evidence exist to inform a collective agreement for an affordable and effective graduation package that could be made available country-wide? How might such a package vary across the country?

Led by the Government of  Kenya (GoK) with Development Partners and others, is there appetite to work together to overcome the hurdles that this ambitious agenda entails?

Download full concept note here.

Website photo credits: Sadie Rose Zavgren (Village Enterprise) and David duChemin (BOMA Project).


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